Anya Hindmarch: Christmas greetings film


Short Christmas film with Anya Hindmarch based on the Cascade show we did in 2013. A pyramid of dominoes with lifting doors and a rotating  drum. Pyramid build by Mr Domino’s -Robin Weijers team from Amsterdam.

Anya Hindmarch: Cascade


Another fun but edgy show with my team. Cascade featured an extraordinary display of, 55,000 cascading dominoes that magically triggered bags to rise from hidden locations. After we had installed the  animatronics we left the  dominos builders for 5 days until the day of the show. All was good until we almost had a  guest in … Continue reading Anya Hindmarch: Cascade

Anya Hindmarch: Pomp and Pleasure


  Another collaboration with Anya’s creative team and set construction by Diagon. This show had ten rooms with animatronic effects and influenced by pop-up books.  Movements controlled by my team of fifteen effects builders from behind the sets.

Hussein Chalayan: Wig


A very big challenge this job, for an art project ‘I am sad Leyla‘ by Hussein Chalayan, and displayed at ‘Galerist’ in Istanbul, the team made a wig that and changed styles . Fringe  and  hair length grew  and reversed  again. We had layers of scull caps with to cope with the different styles and … Continue reading Hussein Chalayan: Wig

Lady Gaga: Living Dress


This was made in London at Baker Coogan under Pete Brook from Jim Henson’s Creature shop in LA. Headed by Vin Burnham I was responsible for the leading the mechanical team creating the moving parts.

Lulu Guinness: Singing Handbag


Mechanical hand bag with singing bird, I had experts introduction into Victorian mechanical music boxes  at Automatomania in Scotland who also did the feathering. Electronics was by David Buckley in Manchester and the fantastic making off film below was by  Dee Koppang.

Hussein Chalayan: Blossom


Airborne Autumn/Winter 07 by Hussein Chalayan This Blossom dress and a mechanical hood made with Hussein Chalayan and Paris fashion show.

Hussein Chalayan: Big Bang dresses.


First sketch for a six week job of two mechanical dresses   First playing           Adding mechanics and testing     Two ‘Big Bang’ mechanical dresses for Hussein Chalayan’s Paris fashion show.