Star War-The Last Jedi


A Dynym Quid with anamatronics, appeared in the casino scene with lots of other space oddities.It had face parts and tentacle moving with a performer inside. Images from the Star War official movie companion magazine. Made at Neal Scanlan studio. Pinewood.

Frankenweenie (2012)


For Tim Burton’s animation film, I worked in the puppet department under Andy Gent, improving the design of the armature of Sparky the dog so it could be animated well. It was first designed by Mackinnon & Saunders, but being such a small creature it can need further development once tested for the animators to … Continue reading Frankenweenie (2012)

Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)


20th Century Fox: Wes Anderson. I was one of the lead puppet makers at the Three Mills studio under Andy Gent. Wolf design for Mr Fox