Adverts & Promos

Harrods spinning top (2014)


Made for 3di. The rotating spinning top has mechanics with electronics allowing it to ramp up and down in speed.

Lexus Strobe (2014)


For Strobe, director Adam Berg wanted to recreate movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries. Inspired by the work of 19th-century photographer Edweard Muybridge, he set out to do this with stuntmen wearing LED suits, suspended from tall buildings across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, lighting them up in sequence as the camera rolled to give … Continue reading Lexus Strobe (2014)

Godiva Awakes (2012)


A six-metre-tall walking puppet of Lady Godiva for Coventry and London 2012. It was made with a team at Artem under Nick Martin. I was part of the crew on general design, and then focused on the head movements. See the completed puppet on this site. The puppet is activated by four performers with … Continue reading Godiva Awakes (2012)

Audi: London Eye Commercial (2010)


Commercial featuring  an Audi A2 inside one of the pods at the London Eye. I headed a team to place the car with ramps and lifts into the car at night.