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Galaxy® Chocolate | Chase

2018 Galaxy Chocolate 2015 Mechanical wings covered in  in feathers.   

Lexus Strobe


For “Strobe” director Adam Berg, wanted to recreate movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries. Inspired by the work of 19th-century photographer Edward Muybridge he set out to do this with stuntmen wearing LED suits, suspended from tall buildings across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, lighting them up in sequence as the camera rolled to give … Continue reading Lexus Strobe

Nando’s finger selfies


Lots of daft miniature copies of celebrity people for the finger. Miniature clothes, wigs, beards and accessories.

Godiva Awakes


A six metre tall walking puppet of Lady Godiva for Coventry and London 2012. It was made with a team at Artem under Nick Martin. I was part of the team on general design and then focused on the head movements. See the completed puppet on this site. The puppet is activated by four … Continue reading Godiva Awakes