Job Archive

Man + Hatchet: Web launch


  A machine for a web launch of Man + Hatchets web site.  Built with the Great Andi-Andy Roberts in our studio in Dalston, on the cheap, out of shed scrap, an old engine and Tinguely inspired.

Bunny Town


Baker Coogan for Disney Head SFX coordinator/prop master and specials effect. .

Nobby’s Crisps commercial


The exaggerated platform shoes were based on a genuine 60s pair, but with the addition of giant 4.5 feet high soles made from polystyrene before covering them in fibreglass and painting them.

Keane Pop Video


For this promo director Kevin Godley envisaged a radio controlled camera mounted on a 120 meter rollercoaster track that weaved its way around and through the band.

Corpse Bride


My first introduction to working in animation making lots of these folks.  

Walls Sausage Commercial


Made with animatronics designer and puppeteer with Mark Hunter. at Hot House. Models. The real dog was not happy to see his puppet double  so we had to keep him covered up.  TV viewers complained 150 times about exaggerated slapstick with the demented terrier  attacking its owner.  

Lazy Town


The Lazytown characters are very well known in their home country of Iceland. We worked with Lazytown Inc there in translating these characters from their existing theatre, cartoon and illustration incarnations into sophisticated “Banraku” style puppets for a TV pilot which were part hand operated and part animatronic.

Ocean Warrior


Two 40-foot hydraulic sperm whales made in the Uk and Amsterdam. The tail had the mechanism placed into the mold and then it took 12 hours to pour in the  silicone .



Animatronic copies of heads. Made at Neal Scanlan studio.

Lost in Space


Jim Henson’s creature shop. Animatronic designer.  

Mechanical theatre


Pneumatic mechanical theatre that ran for eight years. Pistons would drive the images of people across the stage and mouths moved to a dialogue. Made at Atlas Models and with Simon Williams