Lulu Guinness: Singing Handbag (2009)

A mechanical hand bag with singing bird. I had an expert’s introduction into Victorian mechanical music boxes  at Automatomania in Scotland, who also did the feathering. Electronics were by David Buckley in Manchester, and the fantastic making-of film (below) was by  Dee Koppang.

The one off-bag containing a captive animatronic bird was inspired by the traditional musical birdcage curiosities that use clockwork mechanisms to allow the birds to flutter, sing, and nod as if magically alive.

‘Adam Wright, who has worked with both Tim Burton and created the acclaimed animatronic catwalk creations of Hussein Chalayan, remarked that he loved collaborating with Lulu Guinness. He said that she fuelled the constant excitement and changing possibilities that came together to create the unique bag.

‘The elaborate bag-cage contains enough space to carry your lipstick and cab fare home but it’s doubtful that anybody is going to be quibbling over space to carry more if you had this all-singing, all-dancing bag in your possession.’
Dazed & Confused

Lulu Guinness Handbag sketch
Lulu Guinness Birdy close up

Lulu Guinness - inside mech