Animatronic Blossoming Flower


This animatronic flower worked in real time and consisted of          twenty silicone petals connected to servo motors and controlled by a digital board.  The presentation included mist and lighting controlled by dmx.  The flower pot was 3D printed and painted. Sample petal test and internal mechanics. Inside the display case we … Continue reading Animatronic Blossoming Flower

Star War-The Last Jedi


A Dynym Quid with anamatronics, appeared in the casino scene with lots of other space oddities.It had face parts and tentacle moving with a performer inside. Images from the Star War official movie companion magazine. Made at Neal Scanlan studio. Pinewood.

Bing-Live 2018


I made 6 head mechanics for the Bing-Live Show in collaboration with Tahra Zafar costume designer. CAD design for the mechanics Click here view the 360 view  of the CAD file

Orangutan that saws! (2016)


Took this out to Borneo with JDP productions who make Spy In The Wild programmes. It was made at John Nolan Studio where I did the animatronic body movements: sawing wood, washing an arm and moving its neck. The  excellent head movements were  made by Adrian Parish and there is a camera inside the moving … Continue reading Orangutan that saws! (2016)

Crime and Punishment (the musical): Flying Mechanical Axe (2016)


Made  with Guy Stevens and Charlie Hope,it had to move in two axes and 360 degrees  in both directions; it was 3D printed with white LEDs inside. This was  for a rock musical version of the story Crime and Punishment with set designs by Matt Deely. Opened in Moscow, May 2016 -100 dpi

Harrods spinning top (2014)


Made for 3di. The rotating spinning top has mechanics with electronics allowing it to ramp up and down in speed.

Lexus Strobe (2014)


For Strobe, director Adam Berg wanted to recreate movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries. Inspired by the work of 19th-century photographer Edweard Muybridge, he set out to do this with stuntmen wearing LED suits, suspended from tall buildings across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, lighting them up in sequence as the camera rolled to give … Continue reading Lexus Strobe (2014)