Galaxy® Chocolate | Chase

2018 Galaxy Chocolate 2015 Mechanical wings covered in  in feathers.   

Orangutan That Saws !


Took this out to Borneo with JDP productions who make Spy In The Wild programmes,  it was made at John Nolan Studio where I did the animatroinc  body movements,  sawing wood, washing an arm and moving its neck,   the  excellent head movements were  made by Adrian Parish and there is a camera inside the … Continue reading Orangutan That Saws !

Crime And Punishment (the musical) Flying Mechanical Axe


Made  with Guy Stevens, it had to move in two axes and 360 degrees  in both directions. 3D printed with white LED’s inside. This was  for a rock musical version of the story Crime And Punishment with Set Designers by Matt Deely. Opens in May, Moscow 2016 -100 dpi

Lexus Strobe


For “Strobe” director Adam Berg, wanted to recreate movement without gravity, hindrances or boundaries. Inspired by the work of 19th-century photographer Edward Muybridge he set out to do this with stuntmen wearing LED suits, suspended from tall buildings across the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, lighting them up in sequence as the camera rolled to give … Continue reading Lexus Strobe

Nando’s finger selfies


Lots of daft miniature copies of celebrity people for the finger. Miniature clothes, wigs, beards and accessories.

Anya Hindmarch: Christmas greetings film


Short Christmas film with Anya Hindmarch based on the Cascade show we did in 2013. A pyramid of dominoes with lifting doors and a rotating  drum. Pyramid build by Mr Domino’s -Robin Weijers team from Amsterdam.

Anya Hindmarch: Cascade


Another fun but edgy show with my team. Cascade featured an extraordinary display of, 55,000 cascading dominoes that magically triggered bags to rise from hidden locations. After we had installed the  animatronics we left the  dominos builders for 5 days until the day of the show. All was good until we almost had a  guest in … Continue reading Anya Hindmarch: Cascade



Yonderland is a British family fantasy-comedy television series that was first broadcast in 2013 on Sky1. We were a large team at  making puppets prop and special effects.  

Anya Hindmarch: Pomp and Pleasure


  Another collaboration with Anya’s creative team and set construction by Diagon. This show had ten rooms with animatronic effects and influenced by pop-up books.  Movements controlled by my team of fifteen effects builders from behind the sets.