Alice in Wonderland (1999)


Made at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop: in Alice in Wonderland, hedgehogs were famously used as croquet balls. While the object of croquet is to hit the ball with the mallet, or in this case a flamingo, the hedgehogs spend a good deal of their time tapping their feet impatiently or shaking their heads at the … Continue reading Alice in Wonderland (1999)

Lost in Space(1998)


I was an animatronic designer in Jim Henson’s creature shop for this project.  

Doctor-Do-Little Show (1998)


Made at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. A touring theatre show with up to 60 animatronic creatures and effects.

Mechanical theatre


A pneumatic mechanical theatre that ran for eight years. Pistons would drive the images of people across the stage and mouths moved to a dialogue. Made at Atlas Models and with Simon Williams  

Animatronics overview


A quick overview of my animatronics work. Harry Potter (2004) Merlin  Creature for attraction, person walks around and operates it by hand.

Cat Chair collaboration


Jan Pienkowski, the childrens’ books author, wanted to explore making a a chair where claws pop out, and  the tail moves when you sit down on it  – and  all to the sound of a cat screeching.

Euro Disney Pop-Up Book (2014)


I was mechanical supervisor for a giant pop-up book stage set for Euro Disney, designed by children’s  book designer Jan Pienkowski. The book cover had changing titles, the set lifted up with extending towers, and flowers grew. A scale model was … Continue Reading ››