Man + Hatchet: Web launch


  A machine for a web launch of Man + Hatchets web site.  Built with the Great Andi-Andy Roberts in our studio in Dalston, on the cheap, out of shed scrap, an old engine and Tinguely inspired.



  Tim Burton’s animation film, Sparky mechanics sketch. Tim Burton’s animation film I worked in the puppet department under Andy Gent improving the armature design of Sparky the dog. It was first designed by Mackinnon & Saunders but such a small creature is tricky for the animators to make work and needed their input and … Continue reading Frankenweenie

Godiva Awakes


A six metre tall walking puppet of Lady Godiva for Coventry and London 2012. It was made with a team at Artem under Nick Martin. I was part of the team on general design and then focused on the head movements. See the completed puppet on this site. The puppet is activated by four … Continue reading Godiva Awakes

Hussein Chalayan: Wig


A very big challenge this job, for an art project ‘I am sad Leyla‘ by Hussein Chalayan, and displayed at ‘Galerist’ in Istanbul, the team made a wig that and changed styles . Fringe  and  hair length grew  and reversed  again. We had layers of scull caps with to cope with the different styles and … Continue reading Hussein Chalayan: Wig

Lady Gaga: Living Dress


This was made in London at Baker Coogan under Pete Brook from Jim Henson’s Creature shop in LA. Headed by Vin Burnham I was responsible for the leading the mechanical team creating the moving parts.

Demons ITV series


Coulier Harrison SFX Senior animatronic designer Fantastical drama series on ITV,  a contemporary spin on the legacy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula set above and beneath the streets of modern-day London with Philip Glenister and Mackenzie Crook.

Lulu Guinness: Singing Handbag


Mechanical hand bag with singing bird, I had experts introduction into Victorian mechanical music boxes  at Automatomania in Scotland who also did the feathering. Electronics was by David Buckley in Manchester and the fantastic making off film below was by  Dee Koppang.

Bunny Town


Baker Coogan for Disney Head SFX coordinator/prop master and specials effect. .

Fantastic Mr Fox


20th Century Fox: Wes Anderson One of the lead puppet makers at the 3 Mills studio under Andy Gent.