Anya Hindmarch: Pomp and Pleasure


Another collaboration with Anya’s creative team and set construction by Diagon. This show had ten rooms with animatronic effects and influenced by pop-up books.  Movements controlled by my team of fifteen effects builders from behind the sets.

Pomp wall


There were shifting eyeballs followed your gaze, tiny mice scurried about, weightlifters in britches lifted handbags on their anamatronical cardboard “iron” bars, ladies bathing in nothing but powdered wigs dangled handbags over the edge of a roll-top bath, and cuckoo clocks spat out tiny, square, chain-handled evening bags.AH Pomp c:u


“I wanted to do something with anamatronics and not models. It feels more playful. And this was all about a sense of fun. I think it’s important to have humour as a designer and accessories really allow for that. Besides, poking fun is a really British sentiment.”
Anya Hindmarch

Behind the scenes:

And the final result: