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Lexus Strobe Commercial on this new commercial the Lexus;project Strobe.

Back to class

Gone back to life drawing in January with Ed, I am thinking of an alternativeto working at B&Q at 70, going full circle and return to where I startedat 17 on the beach at Margate hooking people into have their portraits done.

Breathing fox

A little help for film maker Nick Abrahams. Used this project to learn some basics about Ardino.Nice to have company in the studio.See his film that might be related to his show at the Horse Hospital.…

2013 Christmas film Christmas greetings films by Anya Hindmarch company,re-using some of the mechanical props from the Cascade show.Two experts from Holland made this in three hours. 

Yonderland Worked on Yonderland for Sky TV for  Baker Coogan productions as effects supervisor making some props and creating some daftness. 

Anya Hindmarch Cascade show

Our third show with Anya Hindmarch and her team. 2013Amazing experience, just a bit edgy as we say in thebiz.  My team made the effects that lift flip and rotate the bags. Dominos by Mr Domino http://www.mrdomino.comSet designs by Rachel Thomashtt…

Pomp and Pleasure – September 2012 was my second project with Anya Hindmarch. We had 14 people inside the rotating set with all the mechanical effects hand operated except for the mice and roaches running about.

Queen Of Hearts Summer 2012

Worked at Artem as part of a team designing and making this pop-up and inflatable puppet, its part of the opening London Games. It lifted out of a bed that raised up that could rotate 360 degrees via people on the ground and one person inside the body …

Anya Hindmarch ‘All I ever wanted ‘ 2012

Helped creating this fabulous launch for Anya Hindmarch with her wonderful creative team of Bevan Roper and Matt Booth, my own excellent team working out of our Dalston studio we made the animatronics, installed the conveyor belt with the great help fr…