Possession Dress

This is a really nice and  interesting project,  the creation of and build  of the mechanical dress for a dancer.  To make it happen I have part funded it and if successful it will be on stage  at the end of October in London at Sadlers Wells, London.   Here is my first sketch.


Twist sketchDress sketches


In collaboration with Andy Roberts and after a two weeks of designing and testing movements with fabrics  we finally settled on three movements.  A top chest twist, a skirt lift and a tummy loop.  Four weeks later its was ready on a corset to be sent to the dress  designer to work out how to interface with the movements.

Possession dress copyEvening Standard

There are some fantastic coup de théâtre moments: the dress that moves by itself, twisting into new shapes as if possessed, like an haute couture version of Alien;

HC flierhttp://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/theatre/hussein-chalayan-gravity-fatigue-dance-review-catwalk-takes-a-spin-a3103066.


“dresses which seem to move of their own accord, and in one noirish sequence worthy of a Lady Gaga video, a dress which moves like it has a python inside it, forcing its wearer to totter on her heels while three vampish ladies practically climb on tables to get a better look at her.”

Prssessed dress