Selfridges Christmas Windows 2012

Windows based on the the first show with Anya.
In this picture Joe, Andy and  (rock n roll ) Dave are testing
the conveyor belts with £1 cans of beer which just happen to be
the same weight as a the hand bags we will finally display on them.
The belts were converted from exercise treadmills.


Queen Of Hearts Summer 2012

Queen of Hearts - London Olympics 2012
Worked at Artem as part of a team designing and making this pop-up and inflatable puppet, its part of the opening London Games. It lifted out of a bed that raised up and could rotate 360 degrees via people on the ground, one performer inside the body who lifted the body up and  operated the arms and a mouth.

Anya Hindmarch ‘All I ever wanted ‘ 2012

HornsHelped creating this fabulous launch for Anya Hindmarch with her wonderful creative team of Bevan Roper and Matt Booth, my own excellent team working out of our Dalston studio we made the animatronics, installed the conveyor belt with the great help from James at Kbr machinery and made some nutty roaming cabinets with performers inside.
The animatronics are now in Paris and can soon be seen back in London in early March.

See short film by Director Sam Huntley

Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie - Sparky
Spent three months working on the armature changes on the lead character Sparky under Andy Gents puppet hospital.
The original that was made by Richard at Mackinnon Saunders.
Then I moved to the rigging departmentworking under Richard Blakey. The whole experience was a great time learning and interacting with the skilled animators.
Big hopes for the final film.